Wheel Sale! Complete Northpaw-S Wheelset $499

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We've got a very limited time sale going on Northpaw-S fat-bike wheelsets. When the current batch is gone theses go back to the normal price!

This complete, ready to roll fat bike wheelset is the best value on the market. We use our 47mm Northpaw-S Rim professionally laced by our in-house wheel builders here in the US to Northpaw 135/170 fatbike hubs with Black Wheelsmith or Sapim Double Butted Spokes and Black Brass Nipples. Maximum compatibility, minimum weight, durable and affordable! Northpaw Hubs are made to our specs by the same factory that makes hubs for some of the most famous names in cycling! 4 sealed bearings in the rear and a 36 tooth pawl system for quick engagement! We use a steel freehub body for added durability so you can use any 9-10 speed cassette you want. Don’t worry about having to spend $150 or $200 to get a high-end cassette with an aluminum spider so you don’t trash an aluminum freehub! The front hub uses Rear Disk spacing for the most compatibility and will work fine with Front-specific Disc spacing with a simple 5mm adapter or with MRP/White Brothers forks with their Disk Adapter.

FREE with your order Black Q/R Skewers and Uncle Dick’s Bead Slip! $49.00 value!

• Northpaw-S 47mm Fatbike Rims
• Northpaw 135/170 Hubs
• Black Wheelsmith or Sapim Double Butted Spokes
• Front 1005g
• Rear 1215g

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Greg's Smitty with Rohloff Internally Geared Hub and Gates Carbon Drive

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I've got the original fork back on my Smitty after spending several months playing around with the Lauf suspension fork. I really liked that fork but it has quite a bit longer axle-to-crown length that the Smitty was designed for so I was keen to get the handling back to where I like it. 

For what its worth, I really like the Lauf for an urban assault bike and I had a ton of fun with it on the Smitty. Someday I may build a Smitty frame specifically corrected for the Lauf so I can maintain the handling I like from the stock fork.

The Rohloff Speedhub is the heart of the drivetrain on my Smitty and it is a gem! 14 equally spaced gears covering the same range as a 3x9 MTB drivetrain and completely sealed from the elements. I've been running it for over a year and I love it! I think it is simply the best drive system for an urban bicycle (or for a beach fat-bike for that matter!) that you can run.

If the Rholoff is the heart of the drivetrain the Gates Carbon Drive Belt is the sinew that ties the pieces together. Probably not anatomically correct but the Gates belt is a great way to transfer drive power form the front cog to the rear. It is virtually maintenance free and stays nice and clean for those times I am wearing long pants. My beach fat-bike also has a Gates belt and that one is put through some of the harshest conditions I can imagine. Submerged in Lake Michigan water, with all the sand you can imagine, and it performs flawlessly.

The rest of my Smitty has parts from some of the best manufacturers in in the industry including a Moots seatpost, Chris King headset and bottom bracket and the unique Watson titanium handlebar shown above. Love that thing! Oh, that shorty Thomson stem was from the Lauf setup but I'll be stretching that out just a bit very soon!

This Smitty is one of may favorite bikes and over the years I've decked it out with lots of really great parts. I'd like to say it is done but I do like to fiddle...

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Trail Genius Uses Our Schlick Northpaw To Cover the Fat Bike Birkie

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Chris Marr prepares his Schlick Northpaw to take on the Fat Bike Birkie.

Chris's Northpaw was decked out with GPS sensors and cameras to record the action during the 47K race at the Fat Bike Birkie. If you look closely at the handlebar you will even see a gyro controlled GoPro that keeps the image being captured much more smooth.

Schlick Cycles actually did two custom Northpaws for the guys at Trail Genius that include a Shimano Alfine Internally Geared Hub as well as a Gates Carbon Drive Belt System for lower maintenance. You can learn more about the Trail Genius Northpaw Special Editions here.

Trail Genius films and maps trail systems at trailgenius.com.

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Ross Took on the Fat Bike Birkie!

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Our pal, Ross Matlock, took on the 47K Fat Bike Birkie last Saturday on one of our APes and had a great result! Facing a field that included a lot of the top fat-bike racers in the US, Ross finished 16th in his age group (Male 18-29) and 103rd overall out of 489 finishers. Congratulations, Ross!


Ross's APe was set up with 70mm rims, Northpaw 135/170 hubs, 4.0 Husker Dus, a White Brothers/MRP fork and a 3x10 drivetrain.


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Chuck's Belt Drive Rohloff

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northpaw rohloff fatbike

We finished up Chuck's Gates Carbon Belt Drive, Rohloff Equipped Northpaw fat-bike recently and we couldn't be happier with the result. Fortunately, so is Chuck! Chuck is a year 'round commuter and will be using the Northpaw as part of his fleet of bikes to get him where he is going regardless of the weather or time of the year.

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Fatbike Wheel Builds

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Just like our 29-plus wheel builds, we've been building a lot of fat-bike wheels. I started shooting photos and will post them to a gallery on this page. Builds have been mostly our Northpaw-S 47mm fatbike rims with 170/135 hubs from Hope, Paul or Salsa although we have done both offset and symmetrical builds with Surly Marge Lite and Rolling Darryl rims as well. We are open to suggestions for your dream fatbike wheelset! Let us know if we can build a set of wheels for you! info@schlickcycles.com

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Custom Schlick Shark

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We sure love building Sharks. This black beauty headed down to Arizona recently but before we sent it on the way local photo-wiz Rafal from Seville Media Photography shot some pix for us, enjoy the Gallery! Each Schlick Shark is truly a custom work of art that is individually crafted for the rider. We currently have enough material to build 3 more Sharks, so if you want to own a very special bicycle that only a few other people in the world own, let us know! We'd be happy to work with you to build a one-of-a-kind Schlick Shark. info@schlickcycles.com

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