About Us


Greg and John are here to serve your cycling needs!

The mission of Schlick Cycles is to create bicycles that help people rekindle that feeling we once had when we discovered the joy of bicycling as kids and consequently, ride more and enjoy the benefits of riding as adults.

Driven by his passion for cycling John Schlick founded Schlick Cycles in 2004. The company headquarters is located in Menomonee Falls, WI and our shop is in Milwaukee's Riverwest neighborhood.

John formed the company when he noticed the lack of interesting recreational bicycles for adults. He saw a significant need for bicycles with the comfort, style, performance, safety and prestige that adults deserve.

Working with Waterford Precision Cycles – one of the premier custom steel bicycle builders in the U.S. – he spent two years designing, riding and testing prototypes until he had perfected the patented Schlick Shark.

In addition to the Shark, working with master frame builder Tom Teesdale, Greg and John continued to develop unique rides for cyclists looking for something that fits the bill but is not run of the mill.

Today, Schlick Cycles moves forward with new models, made in the USA, custom built for discerning riders and built with one-on-one attention to make your new bicycle your all-time favorite!

Call us at 262-501-1100 or email us at info@schlickcycles.com.